Belly Balm




A soothing, nourishing & toning belly balm that helps to keep the skin soft & supple. Apply to the abdominal area as often as desired. It helps to ease discomfort such as itching as the skin stretches to accommodate your growing baby & helps to prevent stretchmarks.

Good to know:

As Coconut Oil forms the base of this bum balm, it may feel a little harder on cold days & a little softer on warm days. The reason being that Coconut Oil reacts to temperature but only in the way of consistency. All the goodness remains no matter if it’s hot or cold. On cooler days it will soften within seconds of feeling your touch.

Coconut Oil; Shea Butter; Beeswax; Calendula Oil; Baobab Fruit Oil; Marula Seed Oil; Wheat Germ Oil; Jojoba Seed Oil; Grape Seed Oil; Rosehip Oil; Mandarin Peel; Frankincens; Neroli Essential Oils.

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Weight 100 g


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